A Conversation With Times New Roman

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September 20, 2012 by bruisedude42

You cannot deny the way me and Times New Roman always hit it off, even if we hardly got any weed or booze or anything.

I’m like “What’s up Times New Roman why are you always my go to character on MS Word documents?”  And Times New Roman’s like “I don’t want to F#cking talk about it!!!”

And I’m like, “What else is great Times New Roman” and Times New Roman’s always like “F#cking Everything”.

And I’m like, “I really like your optimistic attitude Times New Roman, you wanna blaze or something and buy me some shots.”

And Times New Roman’s always like “Hell Yes I want to blaze !!”  And I’m like alright.  But then I’m like, “Well do you got any Weed Times New Roman?” “And do you have any money for shots because I don’t have any money Times New Roman!”  And Times New Roman’s always like “Hell Yes I got a fat bag of weed, and do you want to drink some shots of whiskey on me and then maybe take out my hot sister for a date or something.”

And I’m like “Times New Roman will you always be my friend?”  And Times New Roman just smiles and nods his head and then packs ones one up and makes me a fat Italian sausage sandwich.

The End


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